Home sweet home!
I consider KiNGFLY a one woman operation, but in reality there are several people that make this possible...

THANK YOU, Unique LA and Renegade Craft, you invited all the cool kids and threw a good party!
Bff, thank you for traveling long and far to accompany me!  You are the best, prettiest wingman!
Mike and Lisa, your hospitality is above and beyond.  Y'all are the NICEST people in Los Angeles. period!
Justin and Inana, you win.  A street fair in Venice? with the TASTiest, HEALTHiest dinner I've ever had.
The Blues Jean Bar, thank you for hosting KiNGFLY for the day and for fitting me into the best jeans I own.
Valeska and Nelson, you win best view! The pillow top mattress, amazing food and strong coffee, can't be beat.
Valeska and Nadine, THANK YOU for hosting the most successful show of the trip! Your friends are amazing.
Knut and Stefanie, your hosPItality, was beyond what a traveling sales woman could ask for!  It made me want to stay forever...
Friends and Family, you are the reason I am still doing this!
Best for last...Bryon Friedman, you win! Best supporter, best business partner, most patient, wittiest pep talker, handsomest face to come home to! When KiNGFLY is as big as Chanel it will be because you some how tricked me into being so successful.  You are good and sneaky at helping me work so hard! 

I am beyond speechless to have such a strong community of people behind me.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
xoxo, rach

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